Temexpress Test Equipments

As a division of Rakon France, Temexpress has a wide range of Test equipment to test and qualify Xtals products.

Xtals equipment

• Temperature test system Saunders SA250A and W2200
• Test wheels
• Saunders 250B network analyser for measurement at 25°C
• SMD test head for 250B

Oscillators equipment

• Oscillators analyser for measurement at 25°C (all parameters)
• SMD test sockets
• Temperature test system (Frequency deviation and pulling over temperature range)
• Agilent E5052A Phase Noise Analyser

Common equipment Xtals / XOs

• Cyclical oven (-40°C/+85°C or -55°C/+125°C)
• Warm ovens
• Binocular
• Video camera with software (videomet) for visual analysis
• Workbench

Temperature Test
System Saunders

Phase Noise Analyser

Spurious Test

Leakage Test

Aging Equipment

Dynamic Aging